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    Cool Unanswered: New server CONSULTING


    We have the following DB-Server running since 2003 :
    1- Compaq Proliant - ML530
    2- Pentium III Xeon
    3- 3 G Ram
    4- Windows 2000 server
    5- size of the database about 1 G
    6- 100+ users

    Lately the performance bacame slow, (the number of users and transactions increased triple or more since first launching)

    We are about buy new HP server, what is the recommended specifications in our case?

    thanx in advance

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    Before spending money on a new server, have you done any performance monitoring? Have you tried to find out why performance is becoming slower? Have you tried reconfiguring resources to improve performance? If you have a performance issue then throwing money at it will not fix it - it will still be there, regardless of which server you use. All you are doing is buying yourself some time before the problem reoccurs.
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