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    Unanswered: DSN connectivity issue for Informix server

    Hi All,

    I am trying to test the DSN connectivity from my desktop to informix server(Unix machine).
    I have installed Informix connect in my desktop an tried from ilogin demo.

    I am getting sqlcode -908 error when I connect.

    I have searched many forum and found that this issue will be sort out if i set the INFORMIXCONTIME duration to 100 sec in informix server. But I am not able to set this environment variable.

    May I know how to set this varaible or any way to resolve this problem??

    Could any one advise me please ?

    Many Thanks,

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    1) test if your connectivity with your database is OK with a simple TELNET connection:
    telnet <database_ip> <database_port>
    $ telnet codsrv222 55010
    Connected to codsrv222.
    Escape character is '^]'.
    Here the port is open and this log will appear in your informix MESSAGES:
    $ onstat -m
    15:19:22  listener-thread: err = -27001: oserr = 0: errstr = : Read error occurred during connection attempt.
    2) On the ILogin inform all fields.
    and remember, the INSTANCE name is CASE SENSITIVE.
    protocol: onsoctcp
    servicename = port (on my telnet example = 55010)
    database = sysmaster
    César Inacio Martins
    Jundiai / SP - Brasil - em Português - English (translated by Google).

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    Thank you very much ceinma..

    Now I am able to connect the db from my desktop.

    I used DBALIASENAME before instead of DBSERVERNAME.

    Thank you for your valuable information..


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