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    Unanswered: error in ms access when changing from form view to design view

    I upgraded to 2007 from 2003 and I am having a problem everytime I change the view of my forms.

    I have this one form and if I change it to design view an error message will pop-up. Here is the error message:

    "The command or action 'Quit' isn't available now.

    You may be in a read-only database or an unconverted database from an earlier version of "mydatabase".

    The type of object the action applies to isn't currently selected or isn't in the active view.

    Use only those commands and macro actions that are currently available for this database"

    Any idea what's the problem here and how will I go about this? Thanks

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    check the form's properties for code in one of the events such as OnClose possibly even the BeforeUpdate event....

    in any case eyeball the code in the form's events...I think something in there is triggered when you go into design mode....

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    thanks NTC for the suggestion. as I'm not really familiar yet with MS Access and also with the programming could you please walk through me how and where to find this?

    you mean in the form view of this Form where I'm having problems with?

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