We are receiving pages because we have Severity 20 alerts set to page the DBAs...

Our company uses 2 domains (one for the production servers and one for everything else [including developers]). We allow both NT and sql authentication on the db servers.

All developers use sql logins to connect to the sql server because their local NT login is in a different domain and doesn't have access to the sql server. So...they login using sql logins and have access to the sql server via its IP on the network.

However, whenever a developer "accidentally" tries to connect to the database server using NT authentication (instead of their sql login), SQL Server throws a Severity 20 Alert and we get paged!!! I kind of understand why SQL sees it this way, but can anyone think of a way to SEv 20 alert for everything EXCEPT sspi handshake errors? sp_add_alert allows you to customize the alert for specific errors, but doesn't appear to allow to filter out specific errors.

Your help is much appreciated.