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    Unanswered: Simple Query Help

    Hi. I have a relatively simple question, but it is difficult to describe! Thanks for any help

    I am trying to make a query that accesses multiple tables through the use of foreign keys and JOINs. The trouble I am having is with formatting the output, as such.

    What I need is a count of a combination of two columns.

    E.g. columns:

    Sex FavColour

    M RED
    M BLUE
    M BLUE
    F RED
    F BLUE

    it then looks at each possible Sex and FavColour combination and reports how many instances there are of each:

    M RED 1
    M BLUE 2
    M GREEN 0
    F RED 1
    F BLUE 1
    F GREEN 1

    How can I achieve this?

    Thanks very much

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    this is exceedingly simple, and it sounds way to much like a homework assignment

    i'll give you two hints: COUNT(*) and GROUP BY

    the rest you will have to come up with yourself | @rudydotca
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    That's cool r937.

    I know it is exceedingly simple but hey, beginner, and it's not as if is particularly simple to find things in the manual.

    I was already on the path with GROUP BY in my head, and I will look at the other thing tomorrow. I like working it out for myself anyways.


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