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    Database structure

    Hi everybody!!
    i must create a database for a bed and breakfast!!!!!!
    - there are different types of rooms : family, double & simple
    - In certains rooms, the client can smoke but not in all rooms
    - there is a breakfast on a print car and clients can choose what they want
    - There are different kind of menus : Vegans, vegetarians, nut allergies
    - In menu, we also can find juice, coffee, tea
    - Clients can order menu if there are not expensive
    - For foreign clients, the passeport number must be asked
    - For the booking, clients choose the type of room, type of menu
    - le B&B récompense les fidèles clients

    Table Client (ClientId , FirstName, lastName, Adress, Postal Code, Country, Phone, PaiementId)
    Table Room (RoomNumber, TypeRoom, Price)
    Table BookingRoom(RoomNumber,CLientId, DateBeginning, DateEnd,)
    Table Paiment (PaimentId, Type, Date,)
    Table BreakfastList?
    Table BreakfastClient?
    table Price?? I am not sur

    What do you think about a such database??
    Do you see any problems in this structure?
    anything I should have done differently?
    anything I could do to improve database performance?

    All comments will be appreciated!!

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    The Room table needs a smoking/non-smoking attribute.
    The Client table needs a passport number attribute.
    Tied to BookingRoom you will need a table that holds what type of menus they have chosen (since multiple people can stay in each room).

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