Having worked with the Postgres team on a confirmed bug, they have advised that I need to recompile Postgres with a possible bug fix to see if it helps. I've been trying to get Postgresql compiling in Visual C+ for the whole day and I'm pretty much ready to kill myself with my stapler (somehow).

I'm missing something huge about this whole recompilation process and I'm wondering if you can help. I have the project in Visual C++ , but when I compile, it generates a variety of dependency errors. I seem to be missing a whole variety of underlying packages, include files, and LIB files, which just produce error after error. I've circumnavigated errors for LIBXML and GSSAPI by #Undef-ing relevant areas, and I got around OPENSSL by downloading the source code and storing the include files. It's taken me all day to get this far.

However I'm still getting linking errors for c:\prog\pgsql\depend\zlib\lib\zdll.lib , c:\openssl\lib\VC\ssleay32MDd.lib , and I strongly suspect a whole bunch of others. I've scoured the net looking for the source code and/or LIB files and it's an incredibly painful process. I'm also not sure if removing LIBXML and GSSAPI will cause linking problems either.

I'm familiar with Windows development and C++, but not open source conventions, packages, etc. Surely I'm missing something huge. Is there some central repository of library packages you can just download? Is there a package of all the things Postgres depends on I can install?

How come this is so difficult!?

Thanks in advance,