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    Red face Unanswered: ActiveX Control Janus bar 1.6c for access

    I have an access 97 database. i'm converting it to access 2003.
    When i tried to import one of my form with a janus bar 1.6c control on it to my access 2003 database an error occurred saying "There was an error loading an Activex Control on one of your forms or reports". I went back to my access 97 and get a copy of the JSBBAc16.ocx. I registered it on my access 2003 and it says registration completed. When I tried to use the said control on my form an error saying "You don't have the license to use this ActiveX control". What seems to be the problem? I have registered successfully and I even checked it on the Preferences it was marked checked.

    Hope someone could help me solve the problem.

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    it may well be that the OCX control isn't licensed for Access 2003.

    in any event Access 2003/XP comes with its own progress bar control

    you can also fake a progress bar without the overhead of the OCX IIRC there is some code in the code bank for this
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