I am trying to run the following query

SELECT [tblRequests].[lLogID], [tblRequests].[sSur], FORMAT([tblRequests].[dt40Date],"dd/mm/yyyy") AS dt40Date, IIf([tblRequests].[iPaid]=0,"NOT PAID",IIf([tblRequests].[iPaid]=1,"PAID","WAIVED")) AS sPaidorWaived, FORMAT(MIN([tblLettersSelected].[dtOChase]),"dd/mm/yyyy") AS MinOfdtOChase, FORMAT([tblNotes].[dtAddedDate],"dd/mm/yyyy") AS dtNoteAdded, [tblNotes].[dtAddedDate] AS sNoteAddedOn, [tblNotes].[mNote], "(Added by: "+[tblNotes].[sAddedBy[/I]]+")" AS sNoteAddedBy
FROM (tblRequests LEFT JOIN tblLettersSelected ON [tblRequests].[lLogID]=[tblLettersSelected].[lLogID]) LEFT JOIN tblNotes ON [tblRequests].[lLogID]=[tblNotes].[lLogID]
WHERE tblRequests.dtSentDate IS NULL AND (tblNotes.lNoteId = (SELECT MIN(lNoteId) FROM tblNotes WHERE tblNotes.lLogID = tblRequests.lLogID) OR tblNotes.lNoteId IS NULL)
GROUP BY [tblRequests].[lLogID], [tblRequests].[sSur], [tblRequests].[dt40Date], [tblRequests].[iPaid], [tblNotes].[dtAddedDate], [tblNotes].[mNote], [tblNotes].[sAddedBy];[/B][/I]

In the resulting table and in the field 'mNote' Im getting only few boxes and not the actual values. 'mNote' has the datatype MEMO.

However after removing the following line from the query, I am getting the expected result.

"FORMAT(MIN([tblLettersSelected].[dtOChase]),"dd/mm/yyyy") AS MinOfdtOChase"

Why this is happening. How can I get the expected result with the original query.

I need to deliver it in couple of hours.

Can someone assist me please.

Thanks in advance