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    Unanswered: Migrate to DB2 9.7 or DB2 9.5


    This post is to get some informed suggestions/advice

    We have our prod DB in windows 2000 as DB2 8.2.

    We took a decision in April to migrate to DB2 9.5 and accordingly our test system has been migrated to 9.5 from 8.2 in July 2009. We are about to migrate our PROD db to 9.5.

    Meanwhile IBM cam ewith 9.7 in June 2009. I hear some people here suggesting not to go with 9.5 migration, but go straight to 9.7. We are bit undecided because we have already come a long way in TEST(changing apps and all othose things)

    Should we be going to 9.7 or go with 9.5 and again go through the migration drama from 9.5 to 9.7


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    If I were you, I'd migrate to v9.5...that is if you have to migrate soon. I'd never migrate a prod env to the new version without proper testing. v9.5 has been around for some time and is much more stable. v9.7 is very new, it has a good number of migration related bugs that you may run into... So, my advice is to stay with v8 for another year or so and then migrate to v9.7 or migrate to v9.5, if you can't wait.

    Some people may suggest otherwise...

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