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    Unanswered: Accesing from Z/OS (Cobol-DB2) to Oracle database (UNIX)

    I have a doubt about connection between two systems.

    System1: Z/OS mainframe, Cobol/DB2.
    System2: AIX server, Oracle 9i

    In system1 I need data from system2 (Oracle database). I need data from three tables (three sqls) one of the table has 5 millions records, and my sql will ask for 1 million (aprox). Im thinking in using a Oracle client installed in system1 (Z/OS) that will connect with Oracle server in system2. Is that possible???,I have never done anything similar, is there any disadvantage in this architecture??, other options??. My other option is exchanging flat files with the data between the two systems. I dont like very much, because the applications may grow and need more data, and that will mean more files.

    Any help, advice, will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance

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    the best would be to install somewhere on luw platform a db2 and federation server
    so from z/os you can connect to this db2 and to the nicknames for the oracle db and other
    there is almost no possibility to select from oracle db2 data
    db2 will have to take the start ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by przytula_guy View Post

    there is almost no possibility to select from oracle db2 data
    db2 will have to take the start ...
    That's not entirely correct. Oracle Transparent Gateway can connect to DRDA data sources, and you won't need an intermediate server for federation.
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