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    Unanswered: LogsHeld Monitor

    Hello Friends,

    We are having LogsHeld problem in our production environment. This happens once a fortnight roughly. The casinos fall off because of slowness. Forcing holding application recovers.

    I need to write a monitor to tarck a situatiion when a transaction log is held for long time that causes everything to slow down.
    At the moment I will start with SEC_LOGS_ALLOCATED monitored. If so I will check further(APPL_ID_OLDEST_XACT . . . .). If not I will think that everything is normal.

    Any body who might have done this, please advise or correct me .

    (DB2V9.5 fp 4 on Win2k3)


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    You may want to look at max_log / num_log_span db cfg parameters - they can be used in order to stop an appl from consuming a lot of active log space.

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