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    Question Unanswered: Supressing duplicates

    using multiple criteria?!

    Ok, I'm working on a database of property sales but I keep seeing duplicate sales. I need to supress certain data on the basis of duplicate propertyids, saledate AND saleprice. IOW: If the data in those all 3 of those fields is duplicated I need to supress it. If any of those three are different then is it a valid sale and needs to stay. Any ideas?

    I'm thinking maybe a nested IF but I'm not sure how that would work. IF propertyid=propertyid AND saledate=saledate AND saleprice=saleprice THEN supress...
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    Lightbulb Solving Duplicate Values

    The other thing you could do is to create a group based on the property id, sales date and sales price. Then at the group level you could check "Suppress if duplicate" to turn off the duplicates.

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