I am confused in how to setup an Internal/External Environment. We have a Windows 2003 Server box that has MySQL server running on it. Which in turn have 5 databases on it. One DB is used for Our Internal Application and other 4 are used for things like internal messenger/internal portal/bug tracking system etc. We recently got a new server which is strictly going to be an External Box and will have an external FTP/Email/SMTP Server/A new Web App to be built.

My question is that is it a good idea to install another MySQL Server on this New External Box or just create another DB in the existing MySQL Server (Internal) and use that DB for External Web Application? What would be a good Practice in terms of Architecture? Another thing is that this "Internal Database" is being used in an Internal Application and eventually we would like Our Users in remote area to be able to go on new Web Application log in put there times/hours in and would like to integrate the data received from users with the internal application we are running. Of course, in future this Web App will most probably grow to something bigger.

I can even create a Virtual Server on this new External box to install another MySQL Server and use this strictly for the External Web App, but I am not sure if that's a good way to go or not. Since we already have an Internal DB with lots of data.

Please advice and thanks in advance!