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    Unanswered: Help on PivotTable..


    I am having some trouble with using Pivot Table. I have attached the excel sheet below.

    In my case, i would be taking data from SQL tables and exporting to Excel "RawData" sheet. From this sheet i have designed a Pivot Table.

    The following fields are displayed in RawData sheet:
    Total Count
    Longest Elapsed Time (DataDateTime - ScanDateTime)
    Average Elapsed Time (Average of all Longest Elapsed Time)
    Now, my requirement for designing Pivot Table is:
    Location,BranchID - shown at Row Area

    Total Count,ScanDateTime,DataDateTime,Longest Elapsed Time ,Average Elapsed Time - shown at Data Area

    However im facing the following issues after designing the Pivot:

    1) The Grand Total Average Time shown after all rows is Incorrect
    2) The Grand Total Longest Time shown after all rows is Incorrect
    3) I do not want to include ScanDateTime,DataDateTime in every Location Level Total row and Grand Total row but by default it is showing.
    4) The format for all the Data Area fields listed above is not proper.

    Have a look at the attachment and let me know your views on the above issues im facing.

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