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    Question Unanswered: Progressive filtering using combo boxes

    Hello all,

    Just a couple caveats, I am somewhat familiar with access and mostly VB illiterate. When I see the code, I can sometimes decipher what it is doing.

    I have a form I am trying to create that will allow me filter items from my CSI2004 table for two levels using combo boxes then display the filtered results in a subform using datasheet view.

    Once the filtering is complete The user will select the Tier3 work scopes by checking the checkbox.

    This form and subform will be a subform to the Subcontractor form, or a tab. Either way, I will need to save the selected scopes of work to the tblCSISelect, and update those records with the UBINumber from the tblSubcontractors.

    I think i need to have it function that once it adds one set of work scopes it will clear the check boxes and allow other divisions / 2nd tier numbers to be chosen so the subcontractor can choose scopes from multiple divisions. (if there is a better way of making this function happen, i am open to any thoughts)

    I have attached the parts of the database to which I am referring.

    Thanks much,

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    Welcome to the forums

    As your new, be sure to have a look at our FAQ.

    I'm afraid I don't have the time to give you fully functioning code for everything you're asking for, but I can point you in the direction of this article which can probably help you write the code necessary to do what you want. You'll also probably want to set the recordsource/filter for a subform, so I'd recommend keeping this site handy, I know I do.

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    Thanks for the links

    Thanks for the links, I'll delve into it and if needed ask more specific questions.

    I got to the general Forum FAQ, and did a few searches using filter, forms, comboxes, etc. However, i missed the Access FAQ. Thanks for pointing me in there.

    I take it from your response that while you don't have time, what I am attempting to do is possible without too much fuss.

    Thanks again,


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