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    Unanswered: Databases Security for Multiple Users

    I have two issues I am trying to correct. Quick Background. I am interested in programming, but my background is completely financial. I am working at a small company and have volunteered to create a much needed database. So I am reading a lot and learning as I go. Everything went smoothly until it went live. lol. I created the database, saw that it was running smoothly, so I placed it on our server so all (6 people) would have access to it. I created security and permissions with users and groups. It only effected my computer and not the database as a whole. No one else has to log in and they have the ability to change information, delete records, etc. that I need to make sure is unchangeable. I have tried reading up on this and do not seem to follow well enough to get this corrected. Please help. Secondly, I receive the "database has been locked or placed in a state by user “joeblow” on machine that prevents it from being opened" or something to that effect. I read the following post, but it was all greek to me. Any suggestions or assistance would be gladly appreciated.


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    well you need a split database - - and definitely you need to get an Access text book for the version that you can find them at any of the big bookstores or Amazon...attempting to implement a multi user database and security without a reference book as a guide is asking for troubles....

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    Attached is "How I Use Microsoft Access User-Level Security" by Jack Macdonald. This is what I used to get started in multi-user access security, and has proven invaluable. I have one db with 100+ allowed users, of which approx 20 are logged on at any one time, and have had no problems with it in several years, using the principles laid out in this paper. Good luck.
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    also I'd suggest you read, re read, and the read again the Access security FAQ from MSDN
    Microsoft Access Security FAQ available in the Download Center

    amd whilst you are at it make sure to you take backups before makig any security changes, its easy to screw things up, and without a backup your are royally screwed
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    Regarding the locked by another user, you may want to look at this:

    It works nicely for multiple users.
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