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    Unanswered: How can I increase TS Free pages after dropping a table

    Hello, Please again I am asking to share your knowledge.
    Pls see my tablespace list below.

    Tablespace ID = 4
    Name = MYSPACE02
    Type = Database managed space
    Contents = Any data
    State = 0x0000
    Detailed explanation:
    Total pages = 16777216
    Useable pages = 16777152
    Used pages = 13387680
    Free pages = 3389472
    High water mark (pages) = 15209792
    Page size (bytes) = 4096
    Extent size (pages) = 32
    Prefetch size (pages) = 32
    Number of containers = 2

    There were six tables in this tablespace. One of the table was around 25GB. So I moved that table to the new tablespace and I have dropped that table from the above TS. But the Free pages are still same as before (3389472).
    So how can I recover the 25GB please?

    I have reorged(offline, used tmpspace) the rest of the Five tables in this table space. But still same size including HWM.

    Please advise me. Thanks Dgunas

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    Check if this tablespace has any "pending free" pages. Use db2pd -tablespaces or snapshot for tablespaces. Check the following technote for information on how to lower the HWM: IBM - Lowering the High-Water Mark of a Tablespace

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