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    Unanswered: hyperlink

    I set up a field as hyperlink to connect to excel or word documents, this
    worked fine, but after opening the link the record set seems to vanish. This
    means that the records showing now start at record no 2, if I add further
    hyperlinks it keeps removing further records. I started with 24 records and
    ended up with 6 showing, but as I had saved a backup copy managed to salvage
    my work

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    This doesn't make sense to me. Can you explain futher. Records don't automatically dissappear regardless if they are fields storing hyperlinks or not. Typically you store your hyperlinks into a field in a table. If records dissappear after clicking the hyperlink, you've got bigger issues.

    or to open a webpage example:
    Dim objXMLHTTP, xml
    Set xml = Nothing
    Set xml = CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
    xml.Open "POST", URLAddress, False
    xml.send Data

    There are also other ways you can utilize a hyperlink with parameters: for example (passing parameters to google to display a map):
    If IsNull(Me!Address1) Or IsNull(Me!City) Or IsNull(Me!State) Then
    MsgBox "You must first enter the Address, City, and State!"
    Exit Sub
    End If
    Dim dAddr As Variant
    Dim Addr As Variant
    Dim SAddr As Variant
    Select Case Me!CenterID
    Case 2
    dAddr = "1930+Monroe+St+Madison+WI+(The+Monroe+Building+Su ite+200)"
    Case 3
    dAddr = "+848+N+12th+Milwaukee+WI+(Parking+Garage+Entrance )"
    End Select
    'SAddr = Addr1 & "+" & Addr2 & "+" & City & "+" & State
    SAddr = Me!Address1 & "+" & Me!City & "+" & Me!State
    'SAddr = Replace(Addr, " ", "+") & "+"
    strurl = "" & SAddr & "&daddr=" & dAddr & "&pw=2"
    Application.FollowHyperlink strurl

    Also for example (to utilize the shell command to shell to a folder - not web related but thought I'd throw this in):
    You can utilize the Shell command if needed to shell to a folder in windows explorer - for example only: Shell "C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe """ & Me!ExportFolderName & "", vbNormalFocus
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    fixed now

    somone found out what was happening, my records were not really vaishing, they were being moved to end of record sets

    i have fixed it now, thank you very much for contacting me

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