I have a system running on ASE 15.0.2, no ESD's loaded. Few weeks ago sybase shutdown, the root cause has been identified to be a memory leak in that happens every time RSA keypairs are generated. There is a correction for this fault in ESD4 but unfortunately I will not be able to load this ESD in quite long time. This is a fact even if I dont like it.

Now Im looking for some work arounds that can be used for the server.

1. Currently the RSA keypair is generated every 24h. Is is possible to have it generated every 96h or just change this interval in some way?

2. I have found that it is possible to manually set the keypair generation time with this command.
sp_passwordpolicy "regenerate keypair","Nov 22, 2009 9:15PM"

So I was thinking that perhaps I can have a script in cron that sets this time to be e.g. 14 days in the future. See below script, it is not the exact one but the idea I have.


set time_RSA_gen=`date +%b" "%e", "%Y" "%l":15"%p`
echo $time_RSA_gen

/opt/sybase1501/OCS-15_0/bin/isql -Usa -P<pass> -SPPLE_SYB <<EOF
sp_passwordpolicy "regenerate keypair","$time_RSA_gen"

Will there be any problems with the system if I change the interval with any of the two above options?

Thank for your support!