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Thread: DSNACICS issue

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    Unanswered: DSNACICS issue

    Our agency is just getting into the use of stored procedures, and using DSNACICS. We have everything working, and are very happy with the process, but we are running into a small problem. Since we are trying to reuse existing logic used in our CICS programs, we are using DSNACICS within our stored procedure. Works great, that is unless something has stopped DSNACICS, and we don't know about it. Since the stored procedure is being called from a 24x7 Web application, there is a chance that if it gets called while CICS is being recycled, the DSNACICS procedure abends, and must be restarted. Unfortunately, This stop does not aleart anyone. Is there anyway to determine (from the stored procedure) if the CICS region that is going to be accessed is even running, or is there some sord of fix to DSNACICS to keep it from stopping when it calls the downed region?

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    We also call stored procedures from our Java based applications to get the data from IMS/CICS regions. When ever we get system problem happens we send a pre written error code to the procedure outparm and throws an exception page.

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