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    Unanswered: Query on table with two date fields

    I have a stock share table with a DateIssued and a DateCancelled field. I need to return all records issued in a particular year EXCEPT those cancelled in that year. The DateCancelled field is blank if the shares are not cancelled. I tried the following.

    SELECT DISTINCTROW Shareholders.OrganizationName, Shareholders.ShareholderName, Sum([Share Info].[No of Shares]) AS [Sum Of No of Shares], [Share Info].DateIssued, [Share Info].Cancelled, [Share Info].DateCancelled
    FROM Shareholders INNER JOIN [Share Info] ON Shareholders.ID = [Share Info].Shareholders_ID
    GROUP BY Shareholders.OrganizationName, Shareholders.ShareholderName, [Share Info].DateIssued, [Share Info].Cancelled, [Share Info].DateCancelled
    HAVING ((([Share Info].DateIssued)<=#9/30/2001#) AND (([Share Info].DateCancelled)>#9/30/2001#)) OR ((([Share Info].DateCancelled) Is Null));

    but in addition to the records I want it returns DateIssued after 9/30/01 IF the DateCancelled field is Null

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    Try this:
    SELECT ...
    FROM ...
    WHERE ((DateIssued BETWEEN #...# AND #...#) AND (DateCancelled IS NULL))
    Have a nice day!

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