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    Question Unanswered: Cannot open Access file

    It is a file a friend had created in Access 2007 (ACCDB extension) then he saved it as an Access 2002-2003 file (MDB extension). When I try to open it with my Access 2003 I receive an error:

    Microsoft Access cannot open this file.
    This file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not open the file due to potential security problems. To open the file, copy it to your machine or an accessible network location.

    The file is on my local drive so I this type of error message is not relevant or any help. Did anyone got confronted with a similar error? Is there a way to get around beside having to upgrade to Office 2007?

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    Sounds like you have the mdb file in a non-trusted zone (via outside the internet explorer zone) where you do not have permissions to open it. You can add (in IE) the location of the file (via local intranet trusted security zones or trusted sites - ie. add the folder location or site as a trusted zone - ex: F:\folder or http://somesite) or copy the file to a place where it is on a network system accessible by your security settings.

    Usually you put the mdb on a network system whereby everyone can access it but depending on your setup, this can be different. ie. If it's on your local drive, copy it to a network drive accessable by all or modify your (or your users) local intranet security zones or trusted sites.

    Note that IE controls security zones. Some systems need to have this location added to IE as a trusted zone as an mdb file located outside this zone can cause problems when it's downloaded or accessed.

    Ex: Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Internet Options -> Security tab -> local intranet -> sites button -> then Advanced, then add the http:// location (ie. http://zone name or the drive letter: and then -> Add and enter the zone or drive letter (for internal sites). Then when it's downloaded or accessed, it will recognize it as trusted.

    or Internet Explorer -> Tools -> Security -> internet options -> sites button and then add the internet site, download it, and it will trust it.

    I will often download a file from the internet. If that location is not in my trusted zone, it doesn't recognize the file as a trusted file and hence get the same error.
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    In a new (blank) mdb file, can you import the objects from the file that causes problem ?
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