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    I am a Psion 5mx user, and have been unable to find a simple database to run on my PC to do the same job. On the Psion I have a database with 22 fields, and I can search simultaneously in all fields. I use this to record all the information I need about each order I receive to survey yachts. On the Psion its absolutely magic and so simple, but psions are now 7 years out of production and no one elso supports their symbian operating system. Can someone let me know which very simple database I should load onto my PC to do the same job? I've looked at so many but they are way too sophisticated for my simple mind. I don't need to synchronise, interface, do cartwheels or handstands, just record customer and order info, sort and retrieve it. I probably just need to get a copy of the first database ever written for a PC.

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    Take a look at open office base.

    Or, MS Access. It's more than you say you need, but, the good thing about it is that the basic sorts of things you're wanting to do, are freely available online, (or with the demo database.)
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    Or even open offic calc. (Equivalent of Excel).


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