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    Unanswered: Access Diary Forms

    I am trying to build a daily weekly and monthly diary system in access form view which I can amend and add to similar to outlook I'm really struggling Has Anyone already done this and can give me some pointers

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    Yes. But there's several different ways you can set this up.

    If you're using MSAccess 2007, I might recommend looking at some of the templates to automatically create something similar to what you need (and then tweak it as necessary).

    But basically, it sounds like you would just create 1 table that holds the key fields you want.
    ie. A table such as:
    RecID (autonumber type field)
    DateOfEntry (Date/Time type field)
    DiaryNote (Text or Memo type field)
    EnteredBy (Text type field)
    NeedToDoTask (Yes/No type field)
    TaskComplete (Yes/No type field)
    TaskCompletedOn (Date/Time type field)
    TaskCompletedBy (Text type field) - ie. to hold the name of who completed the task.)

    And make the field(s) you don't want duplicated as the primary key (otherwise just make RecID the primary key).

    Then you design a form to do the entry (use the Form Wizard if you need help on creating this.) Then perhaps some queries/reports to return the data you need.

    Also keep in mind that the DateOfEntry date field can be manipulated (ie. formatted) to show the day, week, or month so other fields to store this kind of data may be unnecessary.
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    Thanks for reply I am using access 2000 creating table and entry form no problem. What I cannot manage is producing a wekk to view month to view interface similar to outlook

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