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    Question 2 Syncronized databases


    I didn't find any post here about it, cause I don't have the right definition.

    My question:
    I need to set 2 mechienes which both have databses from some kind.
    I also need to sychronize between these database servers (not with a script)
    with some build-in mechanism they have.

    My goal is to have a backup-server. which means, that if server_1 is down, server_2 will continue to work from the same point, and i will able to access it instead of server_1, and when server_1 comes up, they will syncronize automatically. Also they need to stay syncronized (in their data state) all the time.

    Any ideas? how it is called? does Mysql supports it?
    Is there any database which supports it?


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    Ok, MySQL Cluster is what I was looking for.

    Hope also helped other

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    Nearly every database server offers some feature like what you've described.
    Microsoft also offers clustering, mirroring, and merge replication. Oracle offers RAC. DB2 offers clustering. Sybase offers several solutions, based on which database engine you're using.

    My experiences with MySQL clustering haven't been very good. I'd suggest that you at least review your other options before you make a commitment.

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    Ok, thanks for you reply!

    It will be kind if you can maybe answer my second question:
    What about working offline,

    If I would like to work offline with some SQL server, and when i get online, my application will execute all INSERT Queries.

    Do you know about any API that do that? virtual server on the client that can do that? or any buffer that can help?

    Thanks in advance!

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