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    Unanswered: access to excel link

    I am looking for a way of having an excel spreadsheet with same fields as one record taken from my Access database then to be able to link the database and excel spread sheet so if I change anything in either the spreadsheet of database it will automatically change and update the other application

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    There's a couple of different ways to achieve what I 'think' you're trying to do.

    One way I might approach this is to have the excel sheet linked into MSAccess (ie. File->Get External Data -> Link table.

    This would be providing the excel sheet is a row-based record system (ie. there's not a lot of other header info, graphics, etc...) Then it would be a matter of writing a query to populate the excel sheet with the data from the MSAccess table.

    Another method might be to write some vba code (there's examples in the code bank) where you populate certain cells within the excel sheet. Again, check the code bank on ways to do this.
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