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    Unanswered: MySQL++

    I'm developing an application which connects to a MySQL server.

    My quesiton is:
    Is there any option that when the server is down, my INSERT queries, will be saved in a buffer, and when the server is back online, the buffer will be executed into the server?

    Any ideas? is this linked to MySQL Proxy in some way?


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    Im not aware of anything like that built into MySQL, but presumably its easy enough to write those queries to a flat fiel, and then red 'em back from the file when the server is active again. you'd need to be leetle bit clever about file locks. I suppose you could go for a slightly more refined approach, each task write to its own timestamped file. then you have a periodic task, say a cron job or windows scheduler, which picks up all those individual files and stuffs 'em into a single file and deltes the individual files, then tries to execute those statements, if they succeed the big file is killed, if not the big file stays there til they do succeed
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