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    Unanswered: What is db2psmd.log?

    Does anyone know what db2psmd.log is?
    Where can I find more detail?

    Currently, we have this file slowly increased taking up space, but dont know what it is.

    Thanks in advance!

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    What DB2 version and OS? What does the file contain?


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    Quote Originally Posted by ARWinner View Post
    What DB2 version and OS? What does the file contain?

    Thanks, Andy.

    OS: UNIX
    DB2 version: 9.1

    Actually, I dont know what exactly this db2psmd.log contains.
    I am just told by a DB2 technician that this file is slowly increased and eventually taken up much space. He said that the content in this file doesn't make any sense. But he managed to pick out something.
    He stated that the file has some information about a stored procedure.
    And he had asked some DB2 colleagues, but none of them had come across this file.

    I search this file name, and find that IBM has some info about it,
    but it is for DB2 v8.
    DB2 Universal Database

    Above link states that this db2psmd.log is to store the logic flows in the debugger server. Don't know if this works for DB2 v9.1.

    My question is, why this file would increase slowly and is there any method to shut it down without affecting the normal function of DB2?

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    I didn't know the purpose of this log so I checked and here is some info:

    When a stored procedure has been created with the debug option from Data Studio, it will automatically write to the log and create the log if it does not exist every time it is run.

    You can remove the debug option, change permission on the file to read-only... Procedure will not log and therefore less diagnostic info is available, if it fails.

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