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    Unanswered: db to xml


    i have tables t1(t1_id, t2_id1, t2_id2) and t2(t2_id, t2_name), with t2_id1 and t2_id2 being foreign keys for t2_id.

    i want to display data from these tables in an xml file as follows:

    if i perform a: join on t1.t2_id1 = t2.t2_id or t1.t2_id2 = t2.t2_id it will duplicate rows if both t2_id1 and t2_id2 are in t2 table and i don't want that.

    [of course the tables are much more complicated so i am not allowed to make any changes to their design.]

    any idea on how to write a query, view to do this? all i want to do is to put desired data in the xml, in the most simple and efficient way.


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    If duplicate rows is your main problem, you could use DISTINCT or rewrite your join as
    select ...
    from t1
    join t2 
      on t1.t2_id1 = t2.t2_id 
    select ...
    from t1
    join t2 
      on t1.t2_id2 = t2.t2_id
    order by t1.t1_id
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    SELECT *
       FROM t1
       JOIN t2
          ON (t2.doohicky1 = t1.doohicky1
          OR  t2.thingamabob2 = t1.thingamabob2)
       FOR XML
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