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    Unanswered: Relink OLE Objects...

    Hello, I work for a TV Station, and we keep a low-resolution archive of all our video spots in an access database on a server. We are creating OLE Object Packages that link to a folder on one of our servers. Well, we just got a new 10TB server up and want to migrate all our files over there, but if we do so, we end up unlinking 5000 or more files. What are my options for doing a mass relink of all of our objects in the database. I've been thinking about trying to open the database with a text editor and doing a find/replace on all entries to match the new location, but so far, no text editor I've found can open a multi-gigabyte access database. (Some goofball accidently went through and imported a lot of wmvs into the database instead of linking to them, so the database is huge). Are there some scripts or something outthere? Someone must have faced similar problems, as migration of database objects isn't exactly a new thing.

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    This example:

    imports all xls files from a specified folder but perhaps you can utilize/revise the code to fit your needs (ie. linking instead of importing the files you need to link to - you'd just need to find code to link instead of the docmd.transferspreadsheet import code). You can easily change the *.xls to your file type.

    It's the best I can currently offer. I use the code to quickly import a mass set of excel files in a specific folder.
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