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    Unanswered: Batch.bat file call Stored Proc, no SQL activity show in Profiler

    I have a batch file (*.bat) that it contains an osql statement to execute a stored proc in the database, by passing in parameters. I found out in one of the customer server, that the SQL job can trigger this batch file successfully and the activity monitor shows that the process is active and running, but when I traced with SQL Profiler, I found NO SQL activity in my tracing. So far this only happen to one of the customer server.

    NOTE: The stored proc is designed to be called concurrently by passing in different parameters. Therefore I can have 3 batch files calling the same store proc and passing different parameter in order to process different set of data. Two (2) of the processes can be completed without problem, but one of the process will stay and no SQL activity show in Profiler, as mentioned above.

    I have attached the code snippet that shows the content of Batch1.bat and Batch2.bat. Any idea what could possibly caused this, or what I should further check on or look into? Your advice is very much appreciated! Thank you.

    REM Batch1.bat: Process sequence 1 data 
    osql -Usa -Ppwd -Sserver -Q"EXEC database1.dbo.name_compare_sp 'sequence1','p2'" >> D:\Test\1.dat  
    REM Batch2.bat: Process sequence 2 data 
    osql -Usa -Ppwd -Sserver -Q"EXEC database1.dbo.name_compare_sp 'sequence2','p2'" >> D:\Test\2.dat

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    First, I would add errors to the profiler trace. Especially login errors. Is there anything in the file 2.dat? Also, is there any output in the job history for this step, when you run with the "bad" parameter?

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    you can also specify -d database instead of having the db in the -Q, just being anal.

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    Have you tried profiling OLEDB events?

    What events are you currently tracing?
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