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    Unanswered: Creating a new database instance on Solaris

    I have been trying to create a new database instance on Solaris. I have an Oracle 10g installation on a Solaris 10 machine.

    I tried using the dbca UI tool for doing this and it always hangs in the last screen, which results in not creating a new instance for me.

    Can anyone please point me to a URL or explain how I can do this manually rather than using dbca?
    As you may have noticed I am a newbie at oracle, so sorry for cross postings or extremely easy questions!


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    dbca creates a log file which will contain clues.

    you may be able to identify it using the command below

    find $ORACLE_HOME -name \*log -ls | tee /tmp/capture.log

    IIRC it contains either "INSTALL" or "install" & has the timestamp when it started as part of the file name too.

    Without more specific clue no actual advice is possible.
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    How long did you wait? It can take quite a while while it is actually building the database and running the install scripts.
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