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    Unanswered: Informix IDS ODBC connection issue

    Informix ODBC 3.50 (trial and demo download)

    Informix setenv:
    # Environment variables for Informix IDS

    When I create a new DSN, the default db_locale = en_US.819 and when i test my connection i get "cannot connect" and then get "database locale on environment page is not the same as the database locale of the database". I try to reconfigure with the db_locale en_us.utf8 and I get the same error. Any suggestions?

    Thanks - Stu

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    First you need to identify what locale are you database (use the dbaccess for this):
    echo "select * from sysdbslocale " | dbaccess sysmaster
    Variable DB_LOCALE must be set on the server, at the client side you need to use the variable CLIENT_LOCALE

    obs.: the DB_LOCALE/CLIENT_LOCALE must be set in the ODBC configuration, the ODBC ignores the values defined in the setnet32 and enviroment variables: Database Locale
    César Inacio Martins
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