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    Unanswered: querying a highlighted recordset

    I am designing an order tracking database for a retail store. I have created a form where users can populate an "Incoming Shipment" from a table of outstanding orders.

    The form has two sub forms (both are datasheets). One of the sub forms lists all of the outstanding products on order. The second lists the products which are In the current "shipment". Currently users can double click a record in the "outstanding orders" sub form which runs an Append query to list that productID and quantity in the incoming shipment table. All of this is working well.

    however it would be very useful for users to be able highlight multiple records in the "outstanding products" datasheet and append all of those product IDs and Qtys to the incoming shipment table.

    Is it possible to reference a multiple highlighted or active records in a query?

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    I don't think you'll be able to select multiple records without a field in the data to hold the selection. A multi-select listbox would be an alternative.

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