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    Unanswered: Configure 16K pools


    I want a sybase intensive process to explicitly use 16K pools in order to have mimimal I/O and complete faster. How do I configure this and check it uses 16k pools only?

    My current cache config for the server....

    default data cache Active Default 1024.00 Mb 1024.00 Mb
    ------------ ------------
    Total 1024.00 Mb 1024.00 Mb
    ================================================== ========================
    Cache: default data cache, Status: Active, Type: Default
    Config Size: 1024.00 Mb, Run Size: 1024.00 Mb
    Config Replacement: strict LRU, Run Replacement: strict LRU
    Config Partition: 1, Run Partition: 1

    IO Size Wash Size Config Size Run Size APF Percent
    2 Kb 61440 Kb 0.00 Mb 424.00 Mb 10
    16 Kb 10240 Kb 600.00 Mb 600.00 Mb 10

    Thanks and Regards
    Somasundaram Balu

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    Get the showplan output and you will know if it is using the 16k i/o or not.

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