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    Unanswered: Barcode Control Source


    For a project, i have to create a system that allows guests of a hotel, access to different rooms in the hotel. Eg. Bedroom, executive lounge, bar. The guests are sent a barcode image to the mobile phones vis SMS, where they would just scan the barcode image off their mobile phones to allow access to those certain rooms they have chosen through a website

    I have created a database consisting of the following information, name, address, customer id, date of birth, date of arrival, date of departure. etc

    I decided to use a barcode maker instead of an active x control. i have made 5-10 barcode images. each barcode for a different customer, they are all interleaved 2 of 5.

    1) My first problem: now that the barcodes have been created, using the properties of the barcode i have "control sourced" it to the customer id, which is the primary key but how to do i go about assigning an individual barcode to a particular customer? Basically linking a particular barcode to multiple fields in a table.

    is it sumthing like = Customer ID & field 1. would i have to use VB? i'm not sure

    2) Second problem is that my customers have a date of arrival and date of departure for there stay so whether a customer stays for 2 weeks or 2days the barcodes i've create have to change every 24hours for security purposes.

    For instance: say jeff stays for a week and sue stays for 2days, i would need to create 7 different barcodes for jeff and 2 different barcodes for sue? and just assign them to a date? would i need to create a seperate table for this or can it be done in my existing customer details table?

    Help much appreciated...Thank You

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    Someone has been working on a remarkably similar problem here:

    Barcode Problem - Access World Forums

    You two should get together on this.

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