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    Unanswered: Moving Indexes - ???

    Hi all,

    At the moment, we have a "rule" that tables and indexes should reside in different tablespaces. I know
    this is an "old" rule before the time of the SAN but we want to keep this same rule.

    Now we inherited an install where tables and indexes are on one single tablespace and we want to move
    the indexes into a separate tablespace.

    We've move the "normal" indexes and currently still left with indexes that are LOB, IOT - TOP and

    I know we can move the LOB and FUNCTION-BASED NORMAL but there is a huge arguments amongts our DBAs
    that we cannot move IOT - TOP because they contain actual data? May I have the opinions of the gurus
    please whether it is possible or not to move IOT - TOP indexes and whether they really contain data
    or just plain indexes?

    Any response will be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Indexed Organized Tables(IOT) are a hybrid of data and the index and under your rules should be left in the data tablespace. IMHO
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