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    Unanswered: Running scripts on ACT! and SAGE accounts databases

    Hi All,

    Forgive me if this is a daft question but I have been asked to work on a problem in ACT! and SAGE 50 accounts with little experence in either.

    Anyway, what I want: I have a SAGE 50 Accounts database and an ACT! database that have been set up completely independantly of each other. However there is a products list that is common to both dbs, and this requires updating on a regular basis and currently requires double data entry - i.e. it is manually updated in SAGE and then manually updated in ACT! afterwards.

    What I want is to have some sort of system that runs a script overnight that will update the ACT! database with the information in the SAGE db. I imagine some sort of admin program (e.g. would TOAD do this?) that sits on the server which talks to both dbs and runs the required script.

    Is this feasible and what is the best application for the job (considering price as well as TOAD is fairly expensive!)

    Thanks in advance for any help... It's much appreciated!
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    You've posted this in the Microsoft SQL Server topic, so I'm going to suggest SSIS
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