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    Unanswered: Update statement in Access that's connected to Oracle database...

    I'm trying to create an update statement in access that's connected to an Oracle database. The update statement needs to be executed after the update button is clicked. It should fill info (entered by the user) from textboxes into existing records in an oracle database. Can anyone give me an example of how this should coded? I have add, clear, and find buttons that all work correctly....I just don't know about creating an update button. Thanks to anyone that can help.

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    so plonk a button on the form
    change its caption to update
    change its name to say cmdUpdate

    right click the button to display its properties, select code
    place you code to update the ORacle DB there

    you will need to know how the db is connected
    then form your update statement
    execute it
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    I'm sorry...I should have been more specific. I actually have never coded an update statement in access before. I really don't know what should look like. I tried a couple things but to no avail. I just need an example on what the code should look like. Thanks for the quick response.

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