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    Introducing myself ---

    Just want to say hello to everyone and explain a little about my work.

    I'm an employee at an analytical consulting firm looking to update their data storage setup. Due to budget constraints, our plans for hiring out the design of a database has been put on hold. It is now something we are trying to do internally, with little time or resources.

    The situation:
    Currently, we receive a set of data files from our clients on a weekly basis. The filenames & contents are generally the same, though actual structure (order, variable names, var types, etc) differ. Each client also has its own MS Access database for storing and manipulating these files. We don't use the Access as a relational DB, but rather, we use it to store the flat files and to clean and manipulate the files, then export for analysis in SPSS and copy-pasted to Excel for reporting.

    The future:
    A single standardized sql database that will allow us to compare across clients and back in time. SPSS & possibly Crystal Reports will be used for analysis & reporting.

    I was hoping to get a feel for how common it is to organize flat files using explorer & access without the creation of a true database. Is this something that small-medium sized companies often do? Without knowing the details, does this sound like practical project?

    Thanks for reading! Cheers!

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