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    Unanswered: Must Have Books?

    Ok. So I am added a new product to my computer solutions company. I wan to work small businesses Databases. I have just completed a Access 2007 course with an A and Im working on my first real project and its going slow... but that to be expected.

    My question is what books are a Must have for Access and (next step) MySQL?

    If any of you out there are Database creaters please let me know what books helped you out the most learning AND what you refer to the most in the field.

    I should be getting about 300 bucks for this first job and I plan on spending all of it on Books.



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    if you are working int he field, then in my books (pun intended) there is no better Access book than the 'Access Developer Handbook' by Sybex for the version of Access you are using. its not cheap but it is good. whether its right for your level of Access at present is a moot point but if you paln workign in Access thats the one I'd suggest
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