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    Unanswered: loading a HPUX Itanium db dump into Windows

    Hi guys

    I was hoping someone could guide me if and if so, how to load an oracle 9i dbdump created on a HPUX Itanium machine into Windows XP?

    Will the db dump have to be initiated on the HPUX machine using some special switches or something or can the db dump be converted to be Windows compatible somehow?



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    >Will the db dump have to be initiated on the HPUX machine
    If file was made using "exp" (export) on V9 HP & Windoze is running same version of Oracle or newer/higher, then just import using "imp" utility
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    should import just fine as long as anacedent said, that your version of Oracle and imp is the same/higher than HP-UX.

    Also make sure that you ftp the file in binary mode and pre-create your tablespaces in the Windows instance.

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