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    Unanswered: Problem with Application distribution

    Please can someone help or guide me to resolve this problem. I have an access DB called "Monthyly.accdb". Monthly.accdb resides in the directory "\\Camp\public\Provider Network Relations\". I do not want to be going to the user work place desktop to install the application any time there is a change or modification to "Monthly.accdb". I want a script or a method when I send the user an email with "Monthly.accdb anttached, once the recepient clicks on the attached document, the application will run, create a directory on "C drive - "c:\Monthly.accdb and install "monthly.accdb on the user desktop. I will appreciate any help that can be accorded.


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    If all pcs are in the same domain and if you have enough provileges on the domain or on the clients machines you can run a script from your machine:
    NET USE Z: \\Client_1\C$
    MD "Z:\Office Program Files"
    MD "Z:\Office Program Files\Sales"
    XCOPY \\Alpha\Sales\Billing.mdb "Z:\Office Program Files\Sales\Billing.mdb" /I/Y
    NET USE Z: /D
    Have a nice day!

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    try and do Sinndho idea

    not your email idea

    I did the same thing sent a batch file out and TRYED to get the user to double click and they wouldn't and I still get bleam for not updating the user computer

    My Mark 1 verson
    when a user log into there computer it would copy the new files to the local computer.

    Mark 2 version
    wrote a menu program which started up when they login and
    when the user went to run a program it would check to see if there was a newer version on the server and copy it to the local drive.
    hope this help

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    google around and you should find Stephan Lebans code by the name of : AutoFE Updater (or something like that....) at least I think it was Lebans...

    Is kind of a common issue when the FE goes thru changes how to efficientlly install them. In a way the entire blade computer industry developed for more or less the same reason.

    Somewhat of a tradeoff of time vs code; if your LAN allows you to see one folder on everyone's PC you can simply manually copy the FE to each person and overwrite the file....

    the links to the BE don't change so you shouldn't have to do any linking...

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