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    Wink Unanswered: Pervasive SQL 200i ODBC Connection not showing Tables

    I am able to create a System DNS ODBC and it says it connects succesfull.
    but when I use the ODBC is only shows the system Tables
    X$Field, X$File,X$Index
    I see .ddf files in the data directory folder on the server.
    How do I make the ODBC reference the .ddf files so I can export the data. I downloaded the "Mirtheil Software" but I only see the "System Tables" in the drop down.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciate.


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    If you only see the system tables (X$FILE, etc), then it's likely the DDFs you have don;t have any other tables defined. Did the DDFs you are using come with the software generating Btrieve files? My guess is that these DDF files were created when the ODBC DSN was created. When a DSN is created pointing to a directory that does not have DDFs, empty ones are created.
    You would need to either find DDFs that have the table definitions or create the table definitions manually (through CREATE TABLE statements or DDF Builder tools).
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