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    Unanswered: calling functions and procedures

    Hi All,

    Does MS Access have the capability to use or call customize database functions and procedures from Oracle?

    Anticipating your quick reply, if in case there is a way.

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    Access supports Automation (formerly COM+, see: Component Object Model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) and can act as an automation server. If you can create an instance of Access from Oracle you can do it. It's doable from MS SQL Server but I don't know Oracle enough to tell you if it's possible or not.
    See also: ACC: Using Microsoft Access as an Automation Server
    Have a nice day!

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    Thanks for the quick reply. I will read about automation and maybe I can get idea on how to do it.

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    mebbe I'm interpreting the question incorrectly..

    but if you use 'pass through' queries, rather than JET queries then as far as Access is concerned it doesn't care what the back end is, it will post the query to the db engine and let the db engine deal with the query. so anything that wants to use specific Oracle syntax will work finbe as a pass through query, but won't if you run it as a standard Access/JET query.

    in reality if you are using a server backend you should be using pass through queeries, otherwise you will nbot get any significant advantages of using the server backend and you will get all the disadvantages of JET
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