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    I am using mysqlimport to insert data into a table from a tab-delimited txt file. I am wondering if mysqlipmort requires that every column in the target table be in the txt file in the same order as the table?

    I frequently import data into tables with many columns (more than 30) and I don't always have data for every column. I end up leaving those columns empty in my txt file just to have a placeholder for each column. It is very time consuming to setup every column in the txt file.

    It would be very cool if mysqlimport would allow me to just import the fields that I have data for allow the remaining fields to be null or take the default value.

    Does anyone know if mysqlimport allows this?


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    becuase it'd be virtually impossible to code the import file for this. there is no way I could conceive that you would be bale to make an import process flexible enough to decide off its own bat whcih fields go where if there are fields missing in the input stream

    if you don't have data for the column then supply a null value, usually this is a comma followed by another comma if you are using CSV
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