I get a "malformed packet" error when I call "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE". Does anyone know what may be causing this error? I don't think it matters, but here is the exact query that I'm running:

LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE '/home/dbz/pdb/1F0L.pdb' 
INTO TABLE protein_definitions 
SET protein_id = '1F0L', 
record_type = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,1,6)), 
atom_id = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,7,5)), 
atom_name = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,12,5)), 
residue_abbrev = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,17,4)), 
strand_id = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,21,2)), 
sequence_id = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,23,4)), 
x = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,32,7)), 
y = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,40,7)), 
z = TRIM(SUBSTR(@var1,48,7))