I have an SSIS package that copies over database objects to another database. There is one Foreach loop that copies over a group of tables that will not have the data included. Another Foreach loop copies over the tables that will have the data. Both of these do not copy over the foreign keys.

I have a third Foreach loop that is to copy over the foreign keys of all tables. When I run the script, it runs for about five minutes (which leads me to believe it's working). It runs successfully without any errors, but when I look at the tables, there are still no foreign keys. Here is the script I'm using to copy JUST the foreign keys:
Public Sub Main()

        Dim dbSourceName As String = "ERIIProduction"
        'Dim dbDestName As String = dbSourceName + "ORANGE_SSIS_TEST"
        Dim dbDestName As String = "ORANGE_SSIS_TEST"

        'Dim dbDestName As String = "ORANGE_SSIS_TEST"

        'Connect to the local, default instance of SQL Server.
        Dim srv As Server
        'Dim srvConn As ServerConnection

        'srv = New Server("MCDEVSQL002")
        'srvConn = srv.ConnectionContext
        'srvConn.LoginSecure = True
        srv = New Server

        'Reference the source database
        Dim db As Database
        db = srv.Databases("ERIIProduction")

        ''Create a new database that is to be destination database.
        'Dim dbCopy As Database

        'dbCopy = New Database(srv, "ORANGE_SSIS_TEST")


        'Define a Transfer object and set the required options.
        Dim xfr As Transfer
        xfr = New Transfer(db)
        xfr.CopySchema = True
        xfr.CopyAllTables = False
        xfr.CopyAllObjects = False
        'xfr.CopyData = True
        xfr.DropDestinationObjectsFirst = False
        'xfr.Options.WithDependencies = False
        xfr.Options.ContinueScriptingOnError = True
        'xfr.Options.DriDefaults = True
        'xfr.Options.DriIndexes = True
        'xfr.Options.DriNonClustered = True
        'xfr.Options.DriPrimaryKey = True
        'xfr.Options.DriUniqueKeys = True
        xfr.Options.DriWithNoCheck = True
        xfr.Options.DriForeignKeys = True
        'xfr.Options.Triggers = True
        'xfr.Options.ClusteredIndexes = True
        'xfr.Options.NonClusteredIndexes = True
        'xfr.Options.Default = True
        xfr.Options.PrimaryObject = False

        'Establish Database Connection
        xfr.DestinationDatabase = dbDestName
        xfr.DestinationServer = "MCDEVSQL002"
        xfr.DestinationLoginSecure = True

        'Get Table Name
        'xfr.ObjectList.Add(db.Tables(Dts.Variables.Item("TableName").Value()), "schema")

        'Execute the transfer

        Dts.TaskResult = Dts.Results.Success

    End Sub
Is there something that I am missing?

Any help would be appreciated!