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    Unanswered: Will a seperate Database on the same server will add to Performance improvement?

    Hi All,

    I have a database on one of the SQL server. This particular database is used by our website. Now, I have to develop one API which will expose the data in my database to third party. Is it better to create one more database on the same server and using replication update the data in this database from the database used by web site. My only concern here is the database used by web site will have lots of traffic. In this case my plan is to create a seperate database which has the same data and use this one for my API.

    Now, please let me know creating a seperate database on the same server will add any performance improvement for my API?


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    Well, it will certainly multiply the complexity. Have you tried to set up the new API directly on the existing database, and seen a performance degradation of some sort? Or are you simply afraid?

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